Sr. Hema Barretto
"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire "William Butler Yeats"

Education is an endless journey through Knowledge and Enlightenment. Its transformative role is well understood as ‘destiny of a Nation is shaped in its classrooms’. Education in its true essence feeds and enkindles the fire of learning and wisdom which make for a well rounded individual. Life is one continuous and arduous journey. An individual who is well adjusted and prepared to undertake this journey is a true winner. True Education must aim at empowering our students to be ready to face life in all its hues, to embark on a journey that proves to be both, fulfilling and contributive!

The Presentation Family draws its inspiration from the core values deeply enshrined in our ethos as emboldened by our Foundress, Venerable Nano Nagle. Venerable Nano, fondly known and remembered as ‘The Lady of the Lantern’, was a woman of heroic virtue whose vision we live today. With her altruistic fervour, she became a transformative presence in her times. Her endeavours continue to touch the lives of all as we, at Presentation Convent, Jammu, keep her lantern flame burning bright.

Our motto ‘Virtue and Labour’, becomes a driving force for all our endeavours. The Teaching –Learning process integrated with an array of activities, both Scholastic and Co-scholastic, enrich the school life here.

Every child at Presentation is a winner as she embraces life imbued with courage and confidence, grace and grit, valour and veracity – a charismatic blend that she radiates in her unique persona!

We experience fullness of life as we live by the core principles of Humanism with our words and deeds, both amalgamated, to work for Human Values, Environment and the general good of all.

With a heart full of gratitude let’s continue to create ripples as we continue on this pilgrim journey!

C. S. Lewis writes - All Joy emphasises our pilgrim status; always reminds, beckons, awakens desire. Our best havings are wantings.

Let’s continue to savour our own uniqueness in God’s infinite universe !

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