Manager’s Message

Sr. Theresa Viegas
The great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.

Blessings of light and joy to all who access the website of Presentation Convent Sr. sec. School.

Thanks to the Almighty! For His immeasurable grace and infinite love that has always lead this Institution from the time of its inception since 1954. With “Virtue and labour” as our motto, we have been scaling great heights in shaping the young minds in honesty, integrity, uprightness, generosity, loyalty and love for the earth. God’s power working in us is able to do so much more than we can ask for or ever think. Behind us stretches that we travelled, the road ahead is as yet unknown. In response to the critical needs of our contemporary world, we have the privilege and the responsibility of choosing how we will move forward to make a difference.

At this juncture I would like to remember with gratitude the students, staff, parents and the associates not forgetting all the valiant Presentation women who dared to follow their vision with conviction, making their dream come true through passionate commitment and dedication. This Institution focuses on educational programmes that equip the students with qualities of head and heart that intellectually elevate them, to go beyond their comfort zone in search of truth, beauty and love, seeking a deeper meaning to life and its very existence. In this age of high technology, the young minds are guided to unearth their talents and to utilize them in service of the society. Not empty rhetoric but innovative ideas. The Institution thrives to uphold the values of the iconic education.

As we celebrate the tercentenary of the birth of our beloved foundress- the great stalwart Ven. Nano Nagle, may we draw inspiration from her for the creation of a safe and secure world that is less violent and more just and humane. We thank the Almighty for her life. May the fire of her passion guide our own lanterns of love and service. In Illuminating the world around us with the light that is not our own but rather, the gift of the Divine dwelling within each of us! May the energy of the One who created the universe be with us, unfolding itself with each new day, inspiring us to spend life for something that will outlast it! May you enjoy God’s abundant blessings!

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