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The massive and awe-inspiring proportions of the imposing red brick facade of the Presentation Convent School (now Presentation Convent Sr. Sec. School) silhouetted against the blue morning sky, set amidst sprawling verdant surroundings has its own tale to tell even though it seems veiled with an air of mystery.It is situated in the prime and elitest area of Gandhi Nagar and in extremely close proximity to the Army Cantt. Originally founded in April 1954 at B. C Road,the school has like every reputed institution,its own history to trace.It has indubitably established its reputation as a premier institution in the city of Jammu.An institution par excellence from the portals of which have walked out products who have proved their mettle in diverse fields of human endeavour and craved a niche for themselvs in the various echelons of society within the state,country and even overseas.That itself speaks volumes for the excellence attained by the school over the years.It has succesfully completed 50 years sice its inception,but its beginnings as beginnings generally tend to be very modest and fraught with problems and not even remotely akin to the present splendor.But what was laudable was the underlying zeal which sowed the seeds of the school and watched it germinate with boundless alarcity.We shall now retrace our steps and take you down the memory lane to a priod spanning the last 50 years.
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